Why diet is the best therapy for children on the autism spectrum

Proper nutrition has the ability to elevate, energize, and optimize, while poor nutrition leaves us feeling listless and irritable. It's as true for humans as it is for plants, but I believe it's even more important for individuals who are wired differently.

Jenny Friedman MS RD, on May 3rd 2020

A child who is non-verbal and speech-language therapy

For many families and their children with autism, it can be a long road for developing functional communication skills. One of the primary symptoms of autism spectrum disorder is a language/communication/social delay. The levels can vary and the disconnect can interrupt the learning or acquisition of new words and using those new words.

Matthew Masiello MS CCC-SLP, on April 23rd 2019

Children With Autism Need To Experience Life, Not Avoid It.

New experiences can be very difficult for some children with autism. As such, many parents avoid new experiences because their children are often happier when settled into a routine. This is completely understandable, but children with autism, like all children, need to experience new things. New experiences help a child grow intellectually, adjust socially and learn coping skills.

Pamela Drennen MS CCC-SLP, on March 14th 2019

Autism Therapy: The Case for Fitness

I’m not sure what most parents, educators, and clinicians think of when the term “Autism Therapy” is considered. Most probably, parents think of therapeutic interventions for problematic or maladaptive behaviors including aggression, self-injury, eloping (running away), and poor tolerance of new activities.

Eric Chessen, on January 15th 2019